Creating a Project Team for Intranet Services

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Finding support within an organization is vital for any new project, including the implementation of intranet software. It may be that authorization is required from members of management who will not actually use the intranet service on a daily basis. It is therefore very important to explain to them the key benefits that the intranet will bring to the organization. The intranet is often a 'step away' from high-level staff, with a team of employees performing the day-to-day actions on their behalf. It is however vital to gain support and feedback from staff in influential positions, as decisions will need to be made about budgets, costing, and ongoing intranet service options.

Create a team

Establish a solid team to manage all intranet-related matters, and avoid changing the team members too often; consistency is the key when implementing a new system. Include staff from your IT, Communications and HR departments, and from any other areas applicable. This team (or 'group') will be entirely responsible for the intranet installation and ongoing updates.

Nothing drives a project like a champion. Find those within your organization who have a desire to drive intranet development. These champions become the people who create ideas, get executive buy-ins and see projects through to fruition.

Most times champions will identify themselves by responding to your call for participation. The key is to recognize them and encourage them to run with their ideas. Champions will be your best asset. Give them the backing they need.

Management & Governance

This is an essential role to monitor the daily maintenance of an intranet system. This role can be covered by an individual with the relevant skills, or by a small group within the Project Team. Day-to-day tasks should be managed, and areas for improvement identified. Areas for improvement can cover user, content or technical issues, as well as intranet documentation and general marketing.


To ensure that the intranet software is used to maximum effect, training should be provided, ideally by a dedicated individual or small team. Training documentation should be produced, and amended to reflect system updates. All documentation should be produced in adherence to company standards, and ideally by a Technical Author with experience in helpdesk support.

Marketing will also be required, to promote new sites and content, and share intranet news throughout the organization.


A key attribute required by the Project Team, and in particular, staff responsible for management and governance. Individuals in the team must be able to communicate with staff members at all levels, in different departments, and in varying roles. This is essential to ensure complete co-ordination of the project, and effective communication throughout an organization.

Of course, it could be the case that an individual can undertake more than one role in the Team, and certainly existing relevant skills should be assessed and utilized.

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Creating a Project Team for Intranet Services

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This article was published on 2010/12/09